Thursday, February 27, 2014

TestCase Attribute (NUnit 2.5)

Have you ever thought how easy would it be if we could pass parameters and expected result to a Unit Test method we have rather writing multiple test methods.
It is possible now with NUnit 2.5 “TestCase” Attribute.

Suppose you have a method to test whether a year is a leap year or not which you want to test by passing different values here is the solution.
        [TestCase(2000, Result = true)]
        [TestCase(1996, Result = true)]
        [TestCase(2013, Result = false)]
        public bool IsLeapYearTest(int year)
            return DateTime.IsLeapYear(year);
and if you want to pass multiple parameters just add them comma seperated as below example.
        [TestCase(12, 3, Result = 4)]
        [TestCase(12, 2, Result = 6)]
        [TestCase(12, 4, Result = 3)]
        public int DivideTest(int n, int d)
            return (n / d);

This helps us to provide test methods with parameters as well as providing inline date to be used when invoking that method.

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